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I really stink at this blogging thing!!  I get so excited to share and then I overwhelm myself.  I think I have to completely finish a project, photograph the heck out of everything, and then by the time I get around to writing a post?  Well forget about it!  Who has time for that when you work full time, chase 2 kids around in your “off-time”, are practically rebuilding a house that was in serious need of some love and trying to enjoy life along the way.  The past two months we have started focusing on the outside of the house.

INSIDE – The inside is mostly done.  I say mostly because the basement still needs some love and we still have lots of finish work (caulk and paint millions of feet of trim, paint every single ceiling…you know just little stuff) but the big things are done.  Kitchen is done.  Bathrooms are done for now.  Our master bath is the only bath we didnt completely demo so that will get redone in a number of years, but not anytime soon!  Floors are done.  Every single room in the house is painted.  Yippy!!  Stairs are done.

OUTSIDE – The outside is a totally different story.  When we first moved in we replaced the roof, new siding and completely redid the front porch.  Other than mow the grass and have a ton of trees removed ($$$$$$) the rest of the outside remained untouched until this spring.  Two acres is wonderful but overwhelming at times. However, we wanted the outside to match the inside so we’ve been busy.  Jeremy lime washed the brick and that made a huge visual difference.  Next up, he built a foundation for a new shed.  Our garage has been so full of construction materials, pool equipment, lawn equipment, tools and trash since we moved in that we have yet to park our cars in there.  The shed will hopefully fix that!  Next we built the kids a playset and I excavated a couple hundred square feet of lirope that had totally taken over our flowerbeds out front. I’ve also spend my time ripping out old landscaping edging that wasnt doing its job, weeding our brick paver sidewalk and weeding the flowerbeds. We planted some new plants, and ripped out some the deer had destroyed.  See how the deer meticulously manicure our shrubs for us. So nice of them!


The wildlife is a constant struggle where we live! Now we are putting down new landscape edging and need probably 20 cubic yards of much for all the way neglected flower beds.  Let’s not talk out the lawn right now.  It’ll take us a few years to get that in decent shape. Amongst all these not-so-little projects, we’ve also begin to replace the very worn out decking around the pool with composite decking.

pool deck

We will replace the deck on the back of the house as well, but the process is slow. It’s a two man job with heavy 20 foot boards that bow and flex. Each board along the pool has to be custom cut on one end with a jig saw and the other end at some obscure angle but at least using a miter saw.


We are so close to finishing the pool deck though, a light at the end of the tunnel.  For now, ill just ignore the roughly 800 square feet of decking still in our garage that needs to go on the back deck.

KIDS – Kids are doing great!  Adelynn just graduated preschool so she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  Crazy!?!?! Little man keeps us on our toes!  He like to be held A LOT. He is extremely attached to both of us so you can pretty much forget holding him if we are around oh and we cant really leave him with you because he will cry hysterically until we return. He loves his momma and dada and sissy of course.  Oh he loves his sissy.  I love watching the two of them play.  She gets him giggling and it is the best sound ever.

LIFE – Life is crazy, busy, stressful and full BUT it is good.  Oh so very good.


Beckett 17, 18, 19 and 20 weeks

Phew, lots of pictures packed into one post but I know yall wont mind! We’ve been busy working on the house again so no time for blogging!

IMG_0389edited We are officially moving. Monday a week ago (19 weeks) he successfully rolled from front to back, brought his arms beneath himself and actually pushed up a little bit. He is a strong boy! We only got to use the bumbo seat thing a couple of times before he threatened to tip it backwards.

IMG_0403editedWe also started solid foods. I started A LOT earlier with him than with his big sister, but I was desperate. Desperate to get some sleep and you know what…I think it has been helping. Food coupled with a few changes in his nighttime routine and we have been getting some decent long stretches. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he is sleeping through the night but 9:30-3/4ish.

IMG_2914edited Let me tell ya…this little girl LOVES her brother❤

IMG_2920We started with rice cereal and breast milk then moved to rice cereal with a little bit of bananas. End of last week I introduced sweet potatoes and he loved them. We have also tried butternut squash and parsnips.

IMG_0631editedHe is doing really good at school and moved to a new class this week that is full of other babies his age. He has lots of friends now to play with all day. I was worried how he would do but he took rockstar naps and ate like a champ his first day! Hopefully that doesnt mess up sleep at night for momma😉

IMG_0630editedI havent weighed him in a few weeks but 9 months clothes are starting to get a little tight in the length. He is so long! We have a doc appointment in 2 weeks so we’ll get the official stats then.

IMG_2943editedHe puts everything he possibly can in his mouth. My fingers/arm are usually his #1 favorite. He is such a happy baby and loves kisses and snuggles from his momma and big sissy. Who me😉


Beckett – 15 and 16 weeks

I had 15 week pictures all ready to go but the past two weeks at work have just been hellacious. Crazy work combined with a growth spurt last week (read no sleep for me) I have been so exhausted in the evenings that I am usually asleep by 9:45.  So I’ll start with 15 weeks.

IMG_0237edited I weighed him last week and he weighed 16 pounds on the nose! He is really interacting with you now and smiles and coos a lot. Oh and the acid reflux medicine is really helping.  So much better! IMG_2792editedNext up, 16 weeks! Big boy!! I have packed up most of his 6 months clothes. Anything with feet is too short. We are mostly wearing 9 months or 6-12 months size from Gap.

IMG_2826editedSleep hasnt quite bounced back yet from the growth spurt last week. We were pretty consistent 930-4 but lately it’s been kinda all over the place. He still goes to sleep in his swing and then he comes into bed with me. I’m not even going to try to transition him to the rock n play or crib until we have a more consistent sleep schedule. IMG_2828edited IMG_2830editedHe still doesn’t love the car but with the acid relux medicine he has gotten better. He will scream sometimes on the way to school for 5 minutes or so but not the entire ride anymore…phew!

IMG_2820editedHappy Monday and here’s to a better week!!!!!