Den updates

We have this sunken den off the kitchen. It has really high ceilings, a bay window on one side and french doors on the other so lots of natural light. Here’s what it looked like when we bought the house.

13WineberryCt-23 13WineberryCt-22 Those french doors allow access to the back deck so during all our construction this room was ground zero. There were saws, all the boxes of flooring, countless bags of home depot and lowes stuff, tools, and lots AND lots of saw dust. Despite all that natural light, the wall to wall brick fireplace was still making the room dark and feel dated. IMG_9749About a month before Christmas we decided to clean it up a little bit. I spray painted the dated brass fireplace doors with high heat black matte paint and in my very pregnant state I primed half the brick and threw in the towel. My hands kept cramping up (painting brick is no joke!) and my bulbous body just couldn’t handle all that bending.

IMG_9802IMG_9923By the way…that last picture is literally one of about five pictures I took Christmas morning before heading to the hospital and most of them are blurry because I was doing Christmas while having contractions every 3-5 minutes. I did what I could 😉

Anyway, the fireplace stayed like that until the end of January.  I took advantage of Grammy while she was here and had her finish priming and paint all that brick for me. That grammy is pretty awesome! We used Kilz for the primer and applied with an angled paint brush and a small nappy roller.  Then for the paint I used my go-to Behr white in the can (nothing added) in a gloss finish.  I use the same for trim and doors.

IMG_0104 IMG_0103The room also got a new light fixture (same collection as the kitchen lights). This room still has a long way to go. We need to install the new flooring like the rest of the house, install the new railing, new stair treads, and it desperately needs to be painted. We also want to do something fun with those ceiling beams.

IMG_2730IMG_2734I grabbed some Easter decorations from the Target dollar sections and put them up with some old stuff I had.

IMG_2735IMG_2728 I am trying to lure Spring to come!!!! We are ready for warm, sunny days, green grass, flowers and Easter eggs of course 🙂

Hall Bath is Done!

The hall bath is done and just in time for some family to come visit during Christmas!


The hubs finally got the sinks all plumbed up. So remember when I said the faucets didnt come with drains, but we ordered some. Well yeah they sucked and didnt work. We tried everything and they just kept leaking. When we went back and read the reviews we realized lots of people had the same problem but still gave it 4 stars…again WTF?!?! The hubs made a late night run to Home Depot Saturday night and bought some polished chrome drains. They dont match, but they work and I really dont think it matters that much.

IMG_9848We also installed all the hardware and some new artwork we found at Homegoods. While we were there we scored big and found those towels too. They are super soft and I love the pop of color. I’ve been slowly collecting stuff for this bathroom and I love how it all came together. The pictures dont do it justice!!!!!

IMG_9843 IMG_9847You can never have too many towel hooks in a bathroom in my opinion 😉 I think our guest will agree!!IMG_9849IMG_9845 IMG_9844Just because everyone likes a good before and after

13WineberryCt-27IMG_9846And one more with the open shower curtain 😉IMG_9842

Sorry the pictures are a little dark…I took them late Sunday night! Now the rest of the week I’ll be wrapping presents, getting ready for Christmas and doing everything I can to get this baby to come out!

Hall Bath Update

We worked on finishing little things here and there this past weekend but spent most of our time on what used to be the blue bathroom. Saturday morning we started with this.

IMG_9760 IMG_9759That mirror was glued to the wall. Totally NOT awesome. So I spent a good portion of the day spackling and then sanding down the walls. I also had to patch where the old hardware was located, old light and vanity.

IMG_9786I am really sick of buying paint (total is now something like 25 gallons) so I used what I had. It is the same color as the stripes I did in our old bathroom in Baltimore. It’s Martha’s Heavy Goose in Behr paint. We love that color and actually used it for our master bathroom at the new house. Luckily I had enough left over to paint the hall bath. The walls arent perfect and the semi-gloss paint with the high sheen definitely didn’t help.  Luckily most of it will be covered by mirrors and the vanity and eventually some pictures/artwork/boogers (kidding about the boogers…although this will be the kids bath 😉

IMG_9799 IMG_9801Speaking of vanity…I made the hubs install the baseboard trim before the vanity was installed. The vanity has feet and I was afraid you would see raw drywall.  Well when they went to install the vanity Sunday night the trim around the bottom of the vanity was the exact same height as the wall trim SO the vanity wont sit flush with either wall.  Womp, womp…now we have to rip out all the trim so it will sit in there nice and tight.  The hubs and grandpa also spent a good portion of Sunday night moving all the pipes for the sinks.  One had to go 5 inches to the left and the other 5 inches to the right (or something like that).  Go figure we order a vanity the exact same size as existing with two sinks also like existing and of course the plumbing doesnt line up. We also ordered the faucets from Amazon months ago and went to install them and found out they didnt include drains. WTF?? Who sells faucets without drains? Not to mention they are oil rubbed bronze so not an in stock item at Home Depot or Lowes. Super annoying. We ordered the drains and they will be here this week.  IMG_9805New light fixture is installed and we have all the hardware finally (towel racks, robe hooks, shower rod, etc). End of this week or this weekend we should be able to finish all that!  Hopefully our guest for the holidays/baby’s arrival will have a brand spanking new bathroom to pamper themselves in 😉IMG_9804